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No, it doesn't matter.

So basically what you're saying is that you want teachers who are bad at reasoning and/or deluded.

In fact such prejudices are often part of the reason why one group performs much worse than others in some subjects.

I'm highly dubious about the studies that purport to show this. In part because their prescribed interventions never work. In part because they're intent is pretty clearly to find some reason for the differences in outcome that doesn't make the blacks/women look bad.

All I'm saying is that regardless of what are the current average achievements of various minorities, every person should be viewed, valued and assessed as an individual, regardless of what group that person belongs to. Even if we assume that only a small percentage of girls can be successful in physics, these few girls should be given the opportunity to succeed and not be discouraged.

If you think that prejudice played no role in success of various groups, this is just delusional. The fact that women were not even allowed to hold professor's position during Marie Curie time did not affect the percentage of successful women in physics? The fact that women were not admitted as students to many top colleges in the US as late as 1960's did not play any role in this? Of course the result of this discrimination was much fewer successful female scientists than there should have been. This in turn feeds the belief that women cannot succeed in hard sciences, which in turn leads to discrimination and discouraging women in pursuing scientific careers, and so it goes.

Should black males be discouraged from studying physics because most famous physicists are white? Should white males be discouraged from participating in some sports because these sports are currently being dominated by black athletes? Should the Williams sisters have been discouraged from playing tennis because before them there were no famous black tennis players? Where does this attitude take us?
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