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Thanks to the new technology, the professional military is again superior to the conscripted soldiers. Most western countries implicitly acknowledged this fact by abolishing draft and switching to a well-paid volunteer force.

I'm not sure that's actually true. Note that countries that have reason believe they may have to fight for their existence in the near future, e.g., Israel or Finland, still use universal conscription.

Israel and Finland may indeed be the exceptions. When your potential adversary outnumbers you more than 20 to 1, as was the case in the Six-Day and Winter Wars, volunteers may not suffice. Instead you might have to turn most of your men into semi-professional fighters (in Israel, men spend about 5 years in the army). Note, however, that even in Israel the draft is not really universal. Muslims Arabs and Ultraorthodox Jews (groups that thanks to their high fertility are expected to become a majority) do not generally serve in the army. So even there the army may become separated from the majority of voters.
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