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Utilons are not dollars. While it is clear it produces economic value it is not atleast selfevident that the result is good. If a seller wants to sell drugs and a buyer wants to buy that will drive them to do business but it doesn't make a narcotic related lifestyle especially virtous. We can also understand that a narc might want to buy but that he is doing an error in doing that and infact he would be better off not buying even if he resists that option. So factors other than what the participants want can be ethically relevant.

Normally in these arrangements it serves both sides. But the serving of the student is greatly diminshed in this case. By similar logic that some look down on those that just receive welfare and don't even try to serve others to make a living, we can be suspcious that this is essentially the company receiving free value with the connection to the value that they create being in a very nebolous relationship compared to what they receive. If somebody was throwing gold into the trash and somebody noticed this and started collecting it but not informing the dumper that gold is valuable, he is not stealing it per se but there is deception going on. That is tricking someone to work for you isn't that commendable.

Of course they are not dollars. The Duolingo user doesn't want to earn money, he wants to learn a language by training translation. And you don't want that he is allowed to do so. You don't want allow him to get the utilons he wants.

There no reason to assume that a beginning language learner is able to produce translations with a value that allows a company to pay him minimum wage. A person who's willing to pay minimum wage will higher a person with stronger language skills.

It's just not possible to make a trade whereby Duolingo would pay minimum wage.
No Duolingo user would be better of if Duolingo wouldn't exist.

The argument against drugs is that a participant in the interaction might get harmed. Nobody gets harmed in Duolingo. There also no deception in the case of Duolingo. Duolingo is informing users.

You make arguments that simply don't work.

When it comes to university students written a bachelor thesis most students would want the thesis to have real world effects and not be completely ignored after it's written.
Getting university students to do meaningless works is neither in the interest of the student nor the university but you seem to desire that state.
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