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I'm curious how you came to the conclusion that Palestine is reasonably contiguous, unless you include Israel in your definition of Palestine. You realize that there is no physical (land) connection between Gaza strip and West Bank, right? Also, who gets to decide what is "reasonably large", "reasonably contiguous", whether the new government gives "reasonable rights" to people etc? The problem with such vague definitions is that the stronger side will invariably exploit them to always turn things to their advantage.

Gaza strip and West Bank are two pieces of land. "Two" isn't enough to not be reasonably contiguous. As I said, that clause is intended to rule out things like claiming that 4chan can call itself a nation and secede.

As for the question "who gets to decide", it isn't a problem in real life cases. The clause is just insurance against Internet idiots who want 4chan or the Crips or single households to declare themselves nations and secede
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