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A model where you pay someone a fixed price that's get determined by a market is fundamental different than paying someone based on their cost.
You did argue that you want people being paid based on the cost that they have to pay to provide the service.

Now when we do mass proudction we have a project that produces many units then we sell the units with a relatively fixed price. I try to argue that instead of negotiating about the price of the unit we should focus on negotiating the price of the project and the unit price should be a derivative of the project price.

I will try to be more clear and explicit what the argument about cost is in a reply to this post (long text starts to be little off point).

The new thing is that when we are buying products that are mass produced instead of buying just one item we should buy a share of that mass production that entitles us to that one item. a small share off a big project is going to be comparable in magnitude to just buying the item directly, but multiples of shares lead to less absurd results than multiples of single item buys.
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