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It doesn't have centralized lawmaking that goes beyond saying: "Obey the sharia." There no parliament that you can attack.

Throughout history most states didn't have parliaments.

Part of Sayyid Qutb thinking that underlies the Sunni groups like ISIS is that a local Imman can do a lot of the government functions like blessing marriages and resolving civil disagreement, so that you don't read a real state for doing so.

Until the French Revolution blessing marriages was the responsibility of the local priests. In a lot of non-Western countries it still is. Also many historical countries had a lot more local autonomy then modern states.

The point is that ISIS is very far from being a nation state.

Priests did bless marriages in the Middle Ages in Europe but there role was still a lot smaller than the role of an Immam. The existence of the Sharia makes Islam substantially different from Christianity.
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