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I didn't spesify a level of public support. There would just be working people that receive public support. While you can accept a job if you are unemployed if you are employed it is really hard to star making money on top of your work day to get off of your terrible financial situation.

If we remove the public support component completely then people are going to start dying of starvation because of their unemployment. It raises the stakes on getting a job massively yes. However the availability of jobs is still going to be a problem. I could also imagine that the job application process would be way less civil and the hatred of the unemployed towards the employed problematically high. At that point if employment is a matter of life and death the would be way stronger pressure for the goverment to make sure that the amount of unemployed would be low. I guess the issue now is that the employed envy the unemployed as they feel the income difference isn't enough to offset the job burden. But it seems that annoyedness doesn't channel into programs fighting unemployment as money.