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There was a concern raised by user that the ability to block disruptive talk is not present on omnilibrium currently. (how one is supposed to link to individual posts?)

Part of the uniqueness of LW is the communal moderating system by voting. However what omnilibrium currently has doesn't fullfill that same need as a method of limiter of visibility. In fact having non-partican score even makes it a goal to get upvotes from people that in general downvote you. This is a litle different where downvoted comments are supposed to not be fed. There is partial functionality that the recommendation system is likely to have a low percentage on potentially disruptive posts. Is the "hidden only from this voting group" the proper generalization of the LW style voting system to the omnilibrium multipolar system?

I have also expressed concerns that there is little feedback on how your own posts perform. It is also unclear whether users that are not primary arguers should even chip in on allegations of severe enough breach of failure to reach rationality standards. This sounds potentially like a disaster recipe to pit people and alliances of people against each other. yet it would be super important that disruptive talk would give somekind of feedback atleast to its perpetrator. Yet there is danger in having "not rational enough" as a discussion stopper.

I also don't like how it is difficult to distinguish disagreements from breach of conduct. So far I have inclined to believe this is one of those nasty properties of political talk. I would really hate it if moderation action would be a actual effective argument for actual political subject matter argumentation.

I didn't call for moderation action. LW doesn't use moderation action to get rid of low quality content.

I don't think that the non-partican score is good for behavior modification as it doesn't give feedback to individual posts.
Furthermore if a lot of people make votes based on disagreement the value of the feedback get's diluted.

It's not about a "LW style voting system" reddit uses the same voting system. It's about how the LW culture uses the system in practice.
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