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For new legislation, being thorough and specific is the best way to restore the primacy of legislation.
Basically the problem with our laws is that they are not thorough enough. Instead of the 20,000 pages of Obama care regulations ( the regulations should be longer.

How long should they be according to your opinion?

The reason for Obamacare's length is not the need be precise, but rather the need to give special favors to various interest groups.
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Fair point, we're probably well past the point of diminishing returns on legislative detail; reactive approaches suit present conditions better.

There's also the option of empowering the executive branch to work out the details, which has its own issues, but at least that's kind of what the executive branch is for. If the choice is between resting discretionary power with the executive or with the judicial, the former is probably more legitimate.

Or a libertarian type might say that laws that can't be written simply and clearly shouldn't be written at all--that if 20,000 pages isn't enough to anticipate every contingency of Obamacare, that's a reason not to have Obamacare.
Silent Cal
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Part could also be that the Obamacare touches on the medical insurances which I have read are rather byzantine even before obamacare.
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