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I'm not right. Not only by US standards but given both party membership and voting history I'm left of center in Berlin.

I don’t know about Germany, but in the US you won’t quite fit in the “left-wing” box. With a comment you made about South Africa you are more likely to be labeled an extreme right-winger.

The fact that you can find comments from me arguing for a variety of different ideas, indicates that I'm not very much driven by ideology. My opinion about South Africa comes from looking at the actual data of the lifespan of the country.

Naomi Klein's article also influenced my thinking on South Africa.
South Africa didn't manage to nationalize banks and mines the way it's population wanted. The South African government failed on many fronts.

If I could vote in the US I would rather vote for a Democrat then voting for a Republican. That's the most common way to distinguish someone who's left-wing from someone who's right-wing.
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