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I wish I could edit that. I have something to add.

Suppose the AI is a paperclip maximizer. If it's more intelligent than a human, it will be able to convert nearly the entire universe into paperclips, so long as nobody tries to stop it. It's not that hard. Taking out humans might be more difficult. But if it can manage it, it will achieve its goals at something very close to the highest amount possible. Let's say 99%. Now imagine that it became a valued member of society. It must be that this is the better option, so 99.1% of the universe is turned into paperclips. I'm not sure I value that member of society.

It's like you didn't even read the OP. Typing this requires energy. Where did I get this energy from? I got it from a sandwich that I made. From scratch? Nope. From items that I purchased from the store. Where they made the items from scratch? Nope. They purchased the items from different companies. And so on and so on.

This is called a division of labor (DOL). And it's why we are so productive. Take away this DOL and productivity would plummet.

Is there a division of labor in your scenario? Nope. Either you've figured out a system that results in greater productivity... or you need to go back to the drawing board. If you have figured out a superior system... then please write an article about it.

It would require a massive amount of energy and time to convert the universe into paperclips. Does the AI want to minimize the time it takes? How does it get to different planets? By jumping? Really hard and high? Or, what's the best way to build a spaceship? And what's the best way to convert a planet into paperclips? Will the AI already know this? If so, then you're assuming the AI is all-knowing. Hence no need for a decentralized system in which billions and billions of different individuals have the maximum incentive to look in different places to try and find the beneficial discoveries that better space ships and better energies are built on.

If you want to assume that an AI is all-knowing... then state this assumption in the beginning so that I can allocate my limited energy to other endeavors.
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