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I don't know whether it was you but I remember reading people being reserved on similar points in their replies to my posts. However reading it them in this general form detached from a topic of application makes me receive them much better.

In general it should be a bigger worry to make an error of reasoning than being of the wrong opinion on a political issue. When I read methodology critiques as side-comments they don't in the similar way take center stage and in a way it seems as if the conclusion and the method used to come to that conclusion are somehow intristically related. That is I dismiss method critiques as being nay-saying when it is about the method being applied to particular issues. I am unsure whether this is part of the general reason why politics is mindkill or whether it is particular to my cognition.

These particular guidelines seem spesific enough that I want to have people point out to me when I am breaking them even at the risk of considerable discomfort. However it seems that if a person submits an opposite opinion and a "error report" on my cognition at the same time I don't have that much confidence that they try to listen to my point despite the shortcomings of it. Whether this is a legimate concern is unclear to me.

There was also a suggestion about tagging posts that are good examples of particular virtues instead of getting all negative about it and pointing the shortcomings.

These things could be "fixed" by me just using more appropriate reading methods but I think it would serve as a more transferable and explicit intellectual capital if there were explicit social conventions to deal with these points of interest. Separating the methodology used and the result arrived at could work atleast for some to be able to apply rationality more fully. The focus could be away on whether you end up being pro or con some statement or ideology just that you do so for reasons you understand, are aware off and do not have formal flaws instead of being a gut reaction tribalism and other more messy and unrational means of "picking a side".