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Modernization means many things but here it is quite clear that the efffect that is most relevant is the increase in income disparity. If the increased efficency of the new jobs would be more evenly distributed then there would not be such a moral hazard. But we insist that those that work on the new jobs receive the benefit while persons in the old farming jobs that now upkeep more educated specialised professions keep the old wages.

It is kinda worrying if financial incentives to further society only work if we are letting as private citizens those closest to us be on the bottom rungs.

One can not uplift a country by uplifting small parts of it. If you upgrade only parts of it the structure will change into something that could not form without outside interference.

The doctors dividing their incomes to support large families don't harm the country. The government officials going corrupt to support large families do.

Put another way, the problem isn't that people put their families' needs above their own, it's that they put their families' needs above random strangers' rights--a very natural human behavior in some circumstances, but also sometimes a very pernicious one
Silent Cal
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