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If the AI is stupidly good at economics it is possible that all meaningfull trade is either selling or buying from the AI. That is a human doesn't have a chance to get anywhere unless it can benefit paperclip generation. All human-human trade would be in danger of going extinct.

Once it has gained monopoly in everything there is no incentive to keep things "fair". Monopoly pricing could develop into near slavery. There is also no guarantee that a human could archieve more or even the same with the same amount of money in the new world than in the old world. For example the Druuge are a Star Control II race that don't grow old. They just run out of money to afford buying the air they breath at which point they are thrown into an incinerator to "feed the furnace" for the crime of air theft.

Humans were mutalist with horses for a long time. Their numbers swelled and they had much easier time of aquiring food. Then the automobiles were invented and now their numbers have plummeted. The AI doesn't need to need us for eternity.