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The person had extremist views and ended up taking action on those. If their theorethical musing could have been met in discussion they would not have felt that actions would speak louder than words. Their experience wasn't being heard and they thought they would somehow communicate something with their actions. There is an attention economy and people do questionable things to get it. There is a culture where just having the attention empowers you no matter how poorly it is used. It is just a matter on which side repeats their point of view the most times. Meaningful dialogue doesn't happen so people do not get any conversation skill nor are they expected. This makes it seem that doing publicity stunts accomplishes something. It is mostly harmless when political debate just runs around in circles accomplishing nothing but when it empowers a fantasy of "showing everybody" the results are worse than nothing. And in fact the actions didn't convey any great messages. For most people it was just "another mass shooting". Many people make a big point on downplaying on listening to the motives and downplaying them where ever possible. The semantics of the event where largely predermined and were not that sensitive to the actual details of the event. For Stalin "a single death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic". Well on this issue people are already conditioned on the deaths countable on digits of 2 hands to be statistics. "N shot on mass shooting in Place". The offical word was just essentially "Well this happened again and I think it is time we do something about the thing that is commonly associated with these". Everybody already knows what are the sides. What happens doesn't influence the sides support that much. Every media outlet just gets updated that "we are running the gun thingy again". How routine it is is amazing.

To me it seems like a massive trainwreck of lots of words being let out of mouths with little to no communication going on. It doesn't help that the media likes to amp up the emotions. So everybody gets riled up and all communication channels are spammed for a while. Until the next media trigger happens. Just so we can do this again when a similar thing happens again.