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So a basketball scout searching for potential talent can skip visits to Mbuti neighborhoods without being a racist?

I would scout them but I would not pick up players thinking that with training they could be made in a good player just picking up those that are already good.

A person can skip population centers of that have a low amount of people over 150 cm in height and it might be somewhat heightist. Tracking which centers those are by their ethnicity can be somewhat racist. One could also skip those centers that do have speed running hobbies like 100 meter dash on speedist grounds. If you keep track of that on basis on which population centers organise track and field running events that could be eventist. However if you estimate that using ethnical attitudes about racing events that could be racist. If you just count a heatmap of the number of track and field events organized it would not be racist. There could be cultural differences on sport selection but it would be rather indirect to reason along that route especially if more direct routes are available.

When your model of the situation starts to include multiple properties it you are less likely to be any -ist. When one single property dominates your theories it can seem that you really like theorethisiing about that property rather than let the evidence form your concepts for you. It is also less likely that property correctly fullfills all the different roles it needs to take on for the theory to work. No single concept can be that handy. Occams razor does favour concepts that take on multiple roles but a theory that just occasionally applies well is a moderately falsified one. At some point there are just too much epicycles.
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