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Probably only the tallest Efes would play basketball. The heights of efe basketball players is different from their birthrates.

I could imagine that with taller players I could cauge more growth potential but shorter players would have to show more promise and really short ones need to essentially be ready.

Point taken that there would easily be more worthwhile scouting places. The rates are a little steep to be overcome. However this is not the case always when such profiling is used. I tried to estimate on whether it would be worth a minimum wage to have a scout watch 5 minutes of 5+5 players continously for 6 hours a week and it would be around 1 top leaguer per 100 years. Then again those are worth quite a lot, if we assume its about a million that would still be about estimated 10000$ per year so it is really cutting close on whether the scouting job would be selfsustaining. So it is only marginally better than doing nothing at all but point taken that there would be almost certainly better options available. I wasn't also aware on just how unovercomeable height in basketball is.

But the stats really need to be that high. Typically the implications are taken further than the even claimed effects would sustain.

But the stats really need to be that high.

So itís OK for a scout to avoid certain ethnic neighborhoods when the odds are over 1000:1, but not when itís just 2:1? What is the threshold below which it is no longer OK?
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