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Religions go through the selection process just like the living species. Sects like the Shakers which promote mass celibacy may thrive for one generation thanks to conversions but ultimately become extinct. It is no coincidence that the world most popular religion commands its followers to “be fruitful and multiply”.
Denial of evolution is mostly incidental to high religiosity

Are you sure about that? One of the main goals of religion is to give human life meaning and purpose. The concept of apes accidentally evolving into humans is in direct conflict with this goal.
it's not like there are genes for specific propositions

Studies of adopted twins suggest that there is a genetic predisposition to religion. But in any case, I’m not sure it matters much for the final result whether religion is transmitted via genes or parental indoctrination.

If the factor is parental indoctrination then it's much easier to see parental indoctrination simply failing as it becomes harder to live in a secluded way without interaction with mainstream society.
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