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They went to great lengths to protect their nuclear program, even at the expense of crippling sanctions, and if their intentions were peaceful nuclear research, it would have been straightforward to reach an agreement with the international community a long time ago and have the sanctions lifted.

No. Lifting sanctions means that Iran has more money to spend in conflicts in the region whether it's arming Hesbollah, meddling in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Saudia Arabia and Isreal don't want the sanction lifted regardles of the nuclear program.

On the other hand Iran doesn't want that it's military installations get visited and mapped by outsiders. The inspectors in Iraq made attacking Iraq easier because they provided information about the Iraqi military.

So you seem to imply that "military installations"="nuclear sites"?

Also Iran getting a nuclear bomb is by far the greatest concern of Israel and Saudi Arabia. They want sanctions to stay in place first and foremost to prevent this.

If you gave Israeli government any kind of serious guarantee that Iran won't be able to get the bomb, and asked them if they are OK to have the sanctions lifted in return, they would be very happy to take such a deal.
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