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So you seem to imply that "military installations"="nuclear sites"?

No. But to prove that a military installation isn't a nuclear site you actually have to allow inspectors into the site.

In Iraq inspectors looked at tons of sites which all weren't building ABC weapons.
If you gave Israeli government any kind of serious guarantee that Iran won't be able to get the bomb, and asked them if they are OK to have the sanctions lifted in return, they would be very happy to take such a deal.

How do you know? Isreal cares very much about Hisbollah. It also wants a different regime change in Iran. It's like Iraq. Iraq wasn't invaded because of nuclear weapons either. They were just as excuse.

Hesbollah is not an existential threat to Israel. They are of course unpleasant, they inflict some pain from time to time, but Israel can deal with them. Israel has the military ability to finish Hesbollah in a matter of a few days. They don't do it for various political reasons, but they can. Iran getting a nuclear bomb is an existential threat to Israel. Hesbollah cannot finish Israel or even inflict serious damage. Iran with a nuclear bomb can.

Of course Israel would rather see Iran pressured into stopping the support of terrorism worldwide, nuclear program or not, but halting Iran's nuclear program is by far Israel's highest priority.
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