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The connotation of "should we teach X in schools" is "should we teach X as fact" unless the question specifically disclaims this.

If you say that we should teach it because it's false and we need to teach things that are not scientific and can be contrasted with science, you are being overly literal and ignoring the connotations of words. Don't do that.

The connotation of "should we teach X in schools" is "should we teach X as fact"

You have pointed out one of the major problems with our education system - everything that is taught in schools is taught as a fact (even in subjects like history, where “facts” tend to change with every new generation). Naturally, this is convenient for people in charge of the education system, as students taught this way are less likely to question authority.

In many controversial cases it would be more beneficial for students not to be explicitly told “facts” by their teachers, but rather be taught the arguments of both sides and then make up their own mind. In the particular case of evolution vs. creationism, I think we should first teach children the general scientific principles (including how to choose the right theory from multiple hypotheses). Students who mastered these principles should have little trouble with deciding whether creationism is really a scientific theory.
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