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Another problem: it is very difficult to reply to an article in a way which leaves the article on screen, so you can see it while you're writing the reply. If you just click "Post Comment", the article disappears from the screen to be replaced by the reply box. It doesn't open the reply box underneath the article. You can't open "Post Comment" in a new window to leave the article behind. Nor can you even click on the article title and reopen the article in a new window, so you can post a comment in the current window.

I realize, of course, that it is harder to program it so that clicking "Post Comment" opens a box under the article rather than replacing the whole screen. But that's a reason why it was a bad idea to roll your own board software in the first place. It's still a deficiency.

An option to open a reply box in a new window (by right-clicking “Post Comment”) has been added.
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