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How about: Creating socially worthwhile things, e.g., art, science, technology, requires large concentrations of capital. More generally, having a few large concentrations of capital makes it easier for society to coordinate to do important things.

For example, one common explanation for the relative success of England compared to Ireland is that England had primogeniture whereas Ireland had the more egalitarian partible inheritance. This resulted in Ireland constantly being divided between rival petty lords none of whom were powerful enough to stop the great British Lords from taking over Ireland.

Good example. The English also directly interfered in Wales in order to prevent the Welsh from switching to the primogeniture system.
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This is not an argument for selective deprivation. The existence of large concentrations of capital (technically) does not preclude the existence of equal concentration of non-capital e.g. luxury consumption goods. Wealth goes beyond capital, and this does not say much about poverty in both absolute and relative terms.
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