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It could be that the human brain is tuned for a certain level of inequality, and if we can't express our impulses to acquire and protect status, we'd suffer for it.

Of course, in the absense of monetary inequality, you can bet humans would preserve lots of social inequality, they'd just have to find other bases for it. Is there a reason to think this would be worse? Maybe people overweight the ladders they're high on when evaluating their self-worth, so having more ladders lets more people be higher on some ladder and produces positive utility, and eliminating wealth inequality would remove one ladder.

Or you could go reverse-Rawls and try to maximize the maximum utility (fun fact, Ayn Rand once said she would do exactly this if she were put behind the Veil of Ignorance). I guess this isn't pro-inequality per se, since it'd be just as happy with everyone having the same high wealth, but seems worth mentioning here, as it certainly does justify reverse-redistribution.