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If we have incompetent doctors and ineffective medical procedures improving those is a clear way of improving the situation.

Comparing how much goes to cancer preventation I don't think frenzy prevention is anywhere comparable to that and things could be much better if that also received funds.

Psychology and psychiatry sometimes have a bad rep for not being so strict. Sometimes it is even seen as a place for "humanists" to bable about for their own amusement about theorethical topics. However the inefficiency also has connections to human thriving. In a way if we only have a token joke mental health system relying on can be a recipe for disaster. But another strategy is to make it a system that can be relied on.

Saying you want to have a better mental health system doesn't magically improve it. Neither does throwing money at it. There's money in mental health.
On the other hand you don't have enough frenzy's to do well controlled clinical trials about it.
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