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It used to be perfectly fine to have a theistic interpretation of established scientific facts.

However the problem is not that much about creationism as it is about "scientism" or that some of us have adopted a stance where we believe things because of trusted authorities do trusted rituals to arrive at the trusted truths. While it is true that not everyone can be a scientist it can be forgotten that science is a method and not a belief. Therefore there are a lot of people that believe the rights things for pretty wrong reasons.

Then comes a group that uses those same methods to try to justify very weak conclusions. But resisting them is hard because they don't use inherently inferior reasoning to that what majority of people use. In order to be able to effectively reject creationism one would actually need to rigour up or actually refer to the reasons why we have high reason to belief we have arrived at the results in a trustworthy way instead of appealing to that they have been arrived by trustworthy people.

Theist often see atheist as cuthroat free-for-all capitalist that embody "humans are wolfs to each other" to the t. However you don't get to that with only science, additional worldview stances are required in the same way that evolutionary theory doesn't lead to social darwinism. However the current practise does include that the scientific results are wrapped in a kind of worldview baggage in a kind of holistic way. While the scientific results are formally defendable the worldview imports are not. Being a kind of money dictated industrial-nationalist consumerist is a very easy default educational outcome where it as an active worldview choice would be very prone to critism. The school doesn't have a mandate for it but because enough people that work within schools have that as an unrelated goal they tend to exhibit it within confines of school too. Thus the problem of capitalism not being an ideology is very similar to male not being a gender or white not being an ethnicity.

It can be consistent to allow both ideologies to work within schools or that both are kept out of its confines. What makes it problematic if one is kept in and one kept out. But in order to talk about why it is important to keep evolution on the curriculum one kinda has to talk about how it forms an important piece for a lot of people how they see humans relationship to the rest of the world. This doesn't have to do with scientific facts per se but why some people attach great significance to those facts. In a way if people of the previous times thoguth taht kings had divine right to rule, some people might see that the US is THE worlds super power because the USSR collapsed and via some kind of strange evoltionary principle that proves capitalism as the one true prosperous way of living. (but then we could ask whether evolution proves markets any more than it proves social darwinism)