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This post is written ina tone that people in general don't want to pay taxes and don't want the goverment spending for them. Being from Nordic countries where keeping high tax rates is popular and public services very expected I am kind of unfamiliar with this mindset. Or that the proposed psychological updrift would be to end up to where we are now.

It might just be that you do not feel involved in decision making unless its your personal money. I could intepret that as a sign of unneccesary enstrangemetn from the political process rather than as a flaw in taxation schemes.

When your parliament actually passes laws that really affect your well-being it stops being an empty wheel. We got universal healthcare, we got universal free higher education and we kinda like the process on how we got there and upkeep it. One rationale why it isn't for everybodys tstes is that one wants to micromanage their personal affairs. That is instead of having free healthcare they want to earn more money so that they can afford to pay themself sick when their health collapses. It ends up being about the same amount but the guy who lived so day-to-day he couldn't afford the buffer gets the bare minimum or even no healthcare. I don't understand what is so special about being free to f up your basic neccesities? Or like can people opt out of getting sick? There are also economical arguments about economies of scale. If people micromanage too much most of those are lost.

There is also problems about detaching collective decision to be indivudual decisions. I heard about a news story about a fire department not putting out a fire because the house wasn't insured. In a way there needs to be a clear consequence whether the house pays insurance or not. And that can be let happen. But what if you object to excessive military spending or are a devout anti-militarist? Do we let foreign countries free dibs on those citizens? It is way more clear that there is no opting out of defence or that defence is done as a community and not as individuals. In a way if you dedicate your taxes to some particular single cause then you are effectively opting out out several small tasks that somebody needs to do if they are to happen. Under such a system the goverment runs the risk of being the funder of the poorly understood but desperately needed services. Because not every indvidual is concerned with running a whole country it is more likely that the understanding on decision where to fund are based on more naive understandings. Or a goverment when it makes a budjet it can more reasonably see what are the likely outcomes of making that kind of budjet where individuals are largely left hoping they get what they desire.