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It also doesn't explain why the Supreme Court (another form of technocracy) is so much more effective at their job than Congress.

Are they? What is your evidence for this claim? There are a lot of bad Supreme Court precedents, e.g., disparate impact.

I'm not a lawyer so forgive me. How is it that you think the Supreme Court misread the meaning of the Civil Rights Act? Their interpretation of disparate impact seems perfectly reasonable. In contrast, against elected officials I would name the Iraq War (estimated at $40 billion, ended up costing over $2 trillion), Medicare Advantage (giant unfunded spending bill for some of the most well-off individuals in the country), the farm bill (subsidies for farmers for no apparent reason), health care tax exemption (which created the whole mess that the Affordable Care Act was designed to solve without, you know, actually solving the problem), the generally complex nature of our tax system, or the needless complexity of our immigration system. I can't think of any Supreme Court rulings that are even remotely as bad as any of those without getting into very difficult value judgments such as abortion.
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