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I don't understand what the proposed system is trying to change. As in we are usually trying to tune our systems to be better and not worse, right? In arguments that homosexual relationships should not be recognised it is usually implicit if not explicit that it would not produce social value or it would produce social anti-value. In those that favour they try to argue how it produces recognised sources of social value.

If the current way of governing is not the proposed way of governing could you make more explicit what you think the current procedure is and how it differs from the proposed?

The current system discriminates between what kinds of relationships to incentivize based on public opinion, not predicted social utility.
In the case of gay marriage, it was discussed in the context of "being on the side of love," or civil rights.

I don't know what social utility different varieties of polyamorous relationships would provide, but under the current system, it doesn't matter until public opinion supports the relationships anyway.
And if it does, they'll likely be recognized (like gay marriage was) independently of any predicted social utility.
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