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But won't public opinion be formed on what people think is good for the country? If people care about social value demonstrating that it is produced should be effective. It easily seems that you would advocate that only expert or professional opinion should matter and public opinion discarded.

It can be hard to have a water-proof case that some particular act has some particular social value. In practise it is going to be challenged and we need to be able to deal with difference of judgement in regards to what the law is set to. Experts are not unianimous enough to make this problem go away. So the question on who is in a position to uphold that an act is favourable still remains open.

Let's suppose that there is some immense benefit to the nation from pedophilic marriages, overpowering the social benefit of having children grow up that were not sexually abused (I DO NOT believe that this actually is the case), then according to your model, the public would soon believe that those relationships are good. However, I see zero chance of that.
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