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I also don't think this is a large incentive. Keeping your current job is much more important than your next job.

The Federal Reserve Chairman get's to keep his job for a predetermined time no matter how the economy does. There are no incentives other than incentives by reputation in the Federal Reserve to engage in actions that are good for the economy.
It also doesn't explain why the Supreme Court (another form of technocracy) is so much more effective at their job than Congress.
That depends a lot on what you mean with "effective at their job".

I think our German way of legislating abortion is much better than the US way that comes from the way the supreme court ruled the issue.

Many countries have parliaments that work much better than the US congress.

German judges are also unelected. Here is a sample from elected judges:

I would agree that parliaments are generally more effective than presidencies and congresses although the US appears to be a unique exception to the rule as evidenced by its prosperity. I don't think those parliaments are generally more effective than the unelected judges within the same countries.
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