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It is not for the "superior", "effective" policy decisions enacted through popular support that democracy is valued; it was always for the idea that it's much harder to ignore the well-being of 95% of the population when they have a say in the matter, that the people won't vote egregiously against their self-interest. Of course, power being what it is, it tends to find ways around this, but that's a discussion for another day.

A common objection against technocracy specifically is that in practice it is code for bureaucracy. The "-cracy" in both words indicate that it's a system of ruling; what was once meant to be an upcoming post of mine here argued that there are three components to ruling: leadership, domination, and administration. Leadership is gained and exemplified by the usual showmanship in the media: ideological fights establishing a direction for the country, the maintenance of personal reputations, alliances and so on. Domination is safeguarded by the integration of the military and police into the state hierarchy. Administration is bureaucratic in nature, and concerns the day-to-day maintenance of organisations.

Technocrats abstract out the first two dimensions of ruling, or treat them as givens, and imagine everything can and should be solved through the good judgment of administrators, and that it would work out smoothly. Even the systems of domination have been bureaucratised to a huge degree; however, the politicking has to go somewhere, and if the power of decision-making isn't centralised in a legislature, chances are it will go everywhere. It's good to have experts as counselors and even as decision-makers, but it's probably in the interest of everyone if the average expert is not so burdened with administrative duties that s/he doesn't have time to go back to making blueprints or discoveries rather than paperwork.

(Note: I'm trying to do justice to a view that's not 100% mine. Provided that administration entailed a less autistic form of organisation than bureaucracy, I might be more sympathetic to the idea of technocracy.)