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I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you rephrase that?

If you can have fun directly without buying then wealth isn't even usefull. There are environments where exchange and trade is not an essential facet of thriving in the environment. For example amassing diamonds in minecraft can be counter-productive.

While the real world has a very meaningfull market mechanisms and a lot of systems can be invaded by leveraging resources from it, there are some problems/areas where throwing money at it does comparatively little or the lack of money isn't the primary limitator. For example while hiring trainers, organising sporting events, hiring dietarists etc can be important for top athletes it is somewhat hard to buy motivation or diligence to go throught with the training. That is even with near-infinite budjet achieving a gold medal at olympics isn't a trivial task and can fail (maybe discounting outrigth corruption).

In order for wealth to be usefull there must exist someone that has capacbility to help you but is just unwilling to do so. For some needs nobody has the capability to help (yet).
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