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If you give a teenager a big allowance does it train them to handle money better?

If you have a hungry person they insist that you must give money so they can buy fish. however the more proper way is to teach them to fish. One could argue that if you give them some money and they get a taste of fish they migth better understand why learning to fish would be worth it. However if they are habituated to buy their fish that gets them nowhere.

An economy in the sense that goods are produced and such needs to be able to respond to need and means available. If you just blanket it in money it can erode this detail spesificity.

There is also a signifcant effect that rich countries partly fund poor countries that the rich countries companies have targets to import their products into. If they give X amount of money and the target country uses it to buy X worth of services from that country the effect is like putting money into your own pockets.