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While Saudi Arabia is very rich thanks to the oil exports, militarily it is very weak. Without the US support it would most likely have been conquered by another country (such as Iraq or Iran). With enough political will the US and EU could have easily forced KSA to cut its support for foreign Islamic organizations. That said, applying the “terrorism” label to anything we do not like is not a good idea.
Saudi Arabia doesn't allow Syrian refuges to enter it

Isn’t just a sensible thing to do?
Syria is destablished largely because Saudi Arabia funded it's opposition groups.

The US and EU support of the “Arab spring” was even a bigger factor.
The funding of opposition groups and giving them arms is in many cases considered sponsoring terrorism.

What are the general guidelines for choosing which cases can be considered sponsoring terrorism? Could, for instance, the EU funding of Hamas be considered terrorism? Or the US support for the anti-Vietnamese coalition which included the Khmer Rouge?

Isn’t just a sensible thing to do?
Both the US and a lot of European countries accept refugees.

It might be in Saudi Arabia's self interest not to accept any but it isn't in the Western interest.
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