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Data on: how political beliefs change as professors shift in fields, between harder and softer sciences, and natural sciences and political sciences.

There are quite a few people who moved between related fields (for example, Keynes moved from math to economics), but I canít recall anyone who permanently moved from hard to soft sciences and vice versa. Feynman made a brief incursion into soft sciences but quickly quit concluding that soft sciences were a cargo cult. If nevertheless one does find enough data on people who made such transitions, it seems likely that such people would be highly atypical. So any conclusions based on this group might not apply to most of their colleagues.

Like, Robin Hanson went from Philosophy tp Physics to AI to Economins, where he's stuck around. And I'm fairly confident he doesn't identify politically, and doesn't have opinions on most politicised issues.

Make of that lesson what you will. ;^)
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