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I don't like 'required legal liability insurance' - but I wouldn't mind single-payer for lawyers. It would be like free healthcare in Europe. Except it would be free lawcare in the USA.
Here are the advantages:

  • The rich wouldn't be able to buy better lawyers then the poor.

  • Smaller suits could be pursued without having to worry about billable hours.

  • Outrageous billable hours would be a thing of the past.

  • Good incentives for the government to cut back on frivolous suits.

  • Yes this post is a bit of a joke. But I would like to hear the lawyers squeal about how unfair single payer is. I wish it happened to them instead of the doctors.

    Hm, I've had this same idea before but I wasn't joking. I was thinking more in terms of single-payer defense, though. I still find the idea compelling, but I don't know if there are any serious attempts to analyze it by people who actually know a lot about such things.
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