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Is the US political system more like 'yes minister'? Where the bureaucrats actually run everything. It would explain the head of the NSA congressional behavior. It would also explain why in the Princeton study (table 7) that merit pay for teachers is suppressed despite high favor-ability with both the ultra-rich as well as general public.

In "Yes Minister" Humphrey Appleby is appalled at the idea of bringing in people from the private sector into top positions within the bureaucracy.
Money has a lot more influence in the US political system than in "Yes Minister".
The US system is not identical to the British system as it was 30 years ago.

On the other hand the bureaucracy does have huge power.

Peter Thiel who knows a lot about how the intelligence community works from cofounding Palantir and who's going to the Bilderberg conference, so he's in the highest levels of policy decision said that he thinks Barack Obama likely didn't knew that the NSA was wiretapping Angela Merkel.
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