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"tit-for-tat" isn't a super immoral or maladaptive mindset to teach.

I think people are responsive for optout strategies if they are employed before the door is opened.

There is also a case that things are expected of children. Demonstrating that adults are also capable of living up to obligations towards children fosters trust. A lot of benefits chilren receive are not super relevant to their daily lifes. They can complain about having to go to school. However candy is something they get how it was caused by someone in their community and how they are the beneficiaries of it. Having a sense that he public is on your side instead of against you can be important. You don't want anon to say to you "expect us". A wife can complain that "you take me for granted". In a same sense "thanks for not performing pranks on me 24/7 for 364 days" can be important.

"tit-for-tat" isn't a super immoral or maladaptive mindset to teach.
I don't see any "tit-for-tat" in Halloween.
Tit-for-tat is that you treat someone well if they treat you well or treat them badly if they treat you badly.

Children don't give anything in return for the candy they receive and at the same time the not giving something when a stranger nocks on your day isn't a hostile action.
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