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I think part of the problem with getting action on global warming is that there exists a large group of people in the US and other countries that were already prepared to take any "consensus of the scientific community" with a grain of salt because they felt already that they had been disrespected, dismissed and argued against dishonestly in the evolution debate.

This is certainly one of the factors. But I think peopleís attitude to global warming might be influenced by their politics more than by their religion (though the two are obviously connected). According to the polls, about 60% of Republicans and 40% of Democrats are young earth creationists. Yet, over 70% of Republicans and less than 30% of Democrats donít believe in the anthropogenic global warming.

Btw, did I interpret your comment correctly that personally you do support taking action against the global warming?

Yes, I wouldn't claim that resentment of prestige signally is a majority or even principal factor in AGW skepticism. But the fact that creationist and AGW skeptics are only somewhat overlapping groups, just means this is an opportunity for another group of people to become distrustful of scientific consensus out of resentment for being dis with prestige signals rather argued against straightforwardly.

As for global warming, I think there is enough of a chance it is real that we ought to be concerned about the possibility, but I also think that creating a big decrease in global CO2 output is a political and practical impossibility. So I would favor gearing up for climatological engineering projects like pumping artificial volcanic gasses into the upper atmosphere in case strong measures are needed.
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