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Republicans want to prevent people without valid IDs from voting.

More like Democrats what to prevent voter ID laws to make it easier for them to stuff balot boxes. Funny how Democrats don't have a problem with requiring IDs to even enter government buildings.

I have always dreamed of forcing congress to have the same voting laws as the public.
For every vote in congress (the votes that pass laws):

    * allow absentee voting
    * keep previous and dead congressmen on the books
    * don't require ID to prove your in congress
    * don't mind if more people vote than are in congress

Once this happens, then I'd like to hear the congress critters talk about voting rights.

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More like Democrats what to prevent voter ID laws

I donít think it has to be one or the other. Also, I suspect that if the situation was reversed and most voters without valid IDs supported Republicans, both parties would have switched their positions on this issue.
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