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True. But my impression is that since the Cold War ended there has not been much competition between different countries anyways. It may also be possible for countries to make a joint effort while simultaneously increasing the level of competition. For example, instead of letting one or multiple bureaucratic agencies direct the research, set a joint fund that would distribute large financial prizes for solving major problems.

How about a large financial prize for uncovering shoddy or fraudulent research? This would at least give incentive to researchers who merely try to reproduce a result and incentive for high quality research.

When I worked with Computer Science researchers there was always this mad scramble right before a major paper submission date. They were desperate to get publishable results by the deadline. They would be madly "fixing" bugs until they got the results they needed.

My proposal would be that a researchers grant money is reclaimed (100%) and given in part (10%) to the researcher that finds it shoddy or fraudulent.
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Agreed, that "prize fund" idea would be much better than the current methodology.
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