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Running for office in Egypt was OK - that was a Western political voting system right?

If I might ask, where did you pick up this information about Salafi thought? And how is it a _huge_ misunderstanding?

Calling what happened in Egypt a Western political voting system is a bit like saying that communist countries that have elections have "Western political voting system". It's misleading.
The Muslim Brotherhood wasn't intend on playing within the rules on democracy. It wasn't trying to join existing political organisations.
The way the dealt with the situation was a major strategic blunder and the lost a lot in Egypt because of it.

Where does Voice of Ra got the idea of political change through getting influence in institutions?
It's the theory of political change of democratic socialism. While Marx said that political change can never happen through elections but only through revolution democratic socialism proclaims that it works well through.

What's the theory of political change of Salafism? You create an alternative system. Muslims don't integrate themselves into the state. They solve their disputes with each other in Sharia courts. Over times the state get weaker. It can't serve it's basic functions while the local Muslim community can provide the roles of the state for their members. That's what Sayyid Qutb lays out in Milestones.

But why do I say Salafi's don't like voting?

To excerpt a passage from Milestones:
Our first step will be to raise ourselves above the Jahili society, and all its values and concepts. We will not change our own values and concepts either more or
less to make a bargain with this Jahili society. Never! Even if we were on
different roads, and if we take even one step in its company, we will lose our
goal entirely and lose our way as well.

Here's one article article
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