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The immigration of programmers has separate issues from the immigration of manual laborers. The main problem with immigrant programmers from India is that the immigrant is not really free to switch jobs, which drives down the salary for such immigrants and leads to natives being fired in favor of immigrants who command lower salaries. What we need for such immigrants is rules with teeth, which let the immigrant change jobs freely. That would automatically reduce the number of immigrants and prevent natives from being fired in favor of immigrants. For the immigrants themselves, fewer would be brought in but the ones brought in would command higher salaries.

I don't understand how letting the immigrants to change jobs freely would reduce their number. Would not they be even more motivated to move to the US?

Also, it is not obvious to me that immigrant programmers lower salaries for the natives.
If you close the H1B program, many US software companies might become uncompetitive or have to outsource jobs to India and countries like Canada which have more flexible immigration rules.
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