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A mix between classics and modern authors which offer a sober, scholarly analysis of their subject matter. If that goes well, maybe try a few of the more partisan or divisive titles. Perhaps even a textbook -- sure, it's disputable how much that is "book club" territory, but then again not all of us are familiar with the theoretical foundations of some fields of interest.

For starters, I was thinking of nominating On Liberty by J.S.Mill, Economy and Society by Max Weber, and Francis Fukuyama with either The Origins of Political Order or The End of History and the Last Man. Of course, suggestions are welcome, and if people think these examples are too basic and that "everybody" can be assumed to have read these, feel free to give your own examples.

I may be more ignorant than an average Omnilibrium member but I have not read any of these books. Of the three authors you named I’ve read only one (“The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” by Max Weber which I found a bit tedious). Did you personally like “Economy and Society“?

My own interests are biased towards history (especially economic history) and my favorite authors include Will Durant (“The Story of Civilization”), Donald Kagan (“Peloponnesian war”, “On the origin of war”) and Tom Holland (“Rubicon”).
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