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I may be more ignorant than an average Omnilibrium member but I have not read any of these books. Of the three authors you named I’ve read only one (“The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” by Max Weber which I found a bit tedious). Did you personally like “Economy and Society“?

My own interests are biased towards history (especially economic history) and my favorite authors include Will Durant (“The Story of Civilization”), Donald Kagan (“Peloponnesian war”, “On the origin of war”) and Tom Holland (“Rubicon”).

Then forgive me for assuming; these names get thrown around a lot in circles I'm expecting the Omnilibrium membership to come from. I may have misremembered, though. At least, the good news is that there might be reason to think that more people would find it a learning opportunity than I had previously assumed.

I'm very interested in topics related to bureaucracy and statecraft, and naturally Weber was a go-to resource for a more detailed introduction to such topics than the Wikipedia articles. Otherwise, at least in the format in which I own it, Economy and Society is a huge book, and someone with less of a particular interest might not have bothered. Make of that what you will.

I'll check these out, thank you. I did a cursory search on Amazon for potential books to add to the list of proposals, starting from a few known ones and browsing through related purchases, but stopped when the titles started to sound increasingly biased or alarmist.
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