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Then forgive me for assuming; these names get thrown around a lot in circles I'm expecting the Omnilibrium membership to come from. I may have misremembered, though. At least, the good news is that there might be reason to think that more people would find it a learning opportunity than I had previously assumed.

I'm very interested in topics related to bureaucracy and statecraft, and naturally Weber was a go-to resource for a more detailed introduction to such topics than the Wikipedia articles. Otherwise, at least in the format in which I own it, Economy and Society is a huge book, and someone with less of a particular interest might not have bothered. Make of that what you will.

I'll check these out, thank you. I did a cursory search on Amazon for potential books to add to the list of proposals, starting from a few known ones and browsing through related purchases, but stopped when the titles started to sound increasingly biased or alarmist.