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Having an Anti-Vaxxer as president will result in a lot of unnecessary deaths.

You do realize that term (probably intentionally) conflates a ton of different positions, some of them, such as my understanding of Trumps, totally reasonable.

I think he means President Hillary Or maybe Obama. She is also straddling the fence on this one.
From the article:

And Hillary Clinton has said the same thing about, well, we don't know. We should study it. Is it irresponsible for a major political figure to play Doubting Thomas on this issue?

Senator BARACK OBAMA (Democrat, Illinois): There are some people who are suspicious that it's connected to vaccines and triggers. But the science right now is inconclusive.

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According to Forbes Trump believes and says publically that autism is caused by vaccines.

On Twitter Trump wrote:
A study says @Autism is out of control--a 78% increase in 10 years. Stop giving monstrous combined vaccinations

There doesn't seem to no attempt to walk back on the statement.
Let's say a Democratic candidate or even establisment Republican believes that autism is caused by vaccines and says it publically. What happens?

Afterwards he and his advisors say that he mispoke, and didn't really mean that autism is caused by vaccines. An estalishment politican doesn't double down on such a claim. That's something where Trump acts very differently and that matters.
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