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. The NYT article says 40% of Trump's Primary supporters are registered democrats.
It's not that long ago that Trump said publically that he's nearer to the Democrats than to the Republicans and that the economy generally grows better under the Democrats.

Nixon went to China ;)
This is due to Trump's lack of donors. Normally, you'd know what the plan is by looking at who is buying the politician - funding the campaign, being the attack dog, people voting, ect.
Partly, but I don't think that's the whole story.

There was an interview where Hanniety intereviewed Trump on his book `Time to Get Tough`. Hanniety proposed that the book is Trump's answer to critics who critize that he isn't saying anything specific. Trump responded by saying that "No, the book doesn't contain specifics" Trump doesn't think that it's useful to speak about specifics because that would be a bad strategy. He considers unpredictability to be a strategical asset and acts to create good negotiating positions.