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The private email server shows bad judgement but Hillary isn't the only person who does thinks like that. A while ago there was the news that Sarah Palin also had her private email server, or more exactly used an yahoo account which got hacked. At the time nobody called from criminal investigations.

It's interesting that both of those cases that spring to my mind are woman ;) I would expect there to be more people who use private email servers.

Does this situation compare to Plame? Not at all. Government ministers leaking classified information is common place. Most of the time there aren't strong steps being taken. In the case of Plame strong steps got taken because leaking the same of an official was considered to be much worse than normal leaks of classified information.

My understanding is that process being followed is:
- currently 100 FBI agents are investigating the email issue
- the FBI will file a report to the DOJ (hopefully this is leaked if not public)
- that report may recommend a criminal indictment(s)

Refining the question a bit: if the FBI recommends an indictment should a Special Prosecutor be brought in?

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